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What is

Think about it.

The “now” is the only point in time when you can be or do anything. 

[Read that again.]

In a world where we are rarely fully present, and our moments are often drained and depleted, it is imperative that we take back our most precious resource - our now - so that we can live life more deeply and create our vision-driven future.


Hence, The Now Experiment, a radical reclamation of our now. It is the practice of choosing how to be and do in the present to live our moments deeply and create our meaningful milestones. It is a reclamation of our time, energy, and audacity, which restores our vitality so we can be and do well. 


When we take our now back, we take our power back.

There are 5 core practices of The Now Experiment.


Break free from vitality vampires and take your power back - time, energy, and audacity.



Learn how to be here now with yourself, your loved ones, and your life. Access greater creativity, inspiration, and aligned action for your future nows via the power of now.



Get curious about who you are what you truly want and need, right now and in your future now.



Get off the hamster wheel of unexamined living and start choosing more of your life and work.


Learn the subtle art of balancing living your now and creating your future now.

It’s time to take back what’s yours and access more of what life has to offer you.

About Geri Paige
Founder of The Now Experiment

Geri is passionate about helping people live deeply and create their vision-driven future. Her work as a transformational mindset coach and strategic advisor centers around groundbreaking approaches to reclaiming your time, energy and audacity to be and do well. Geri is the author of The Now Experiment series, a weekly email supporting vision-driven humans in embracing their now and igniting their tomorrow. She offers coaching, consulting, and workshops.

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