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A Free 10-Minute Video Workshop

How to


Your Week with Intentional Containers

In 10(ish) minutes, this free video workshop will help you

How to
with Intentional Containers

Get started with this free 10-minute video workshop.

Do you feel out of balance? Like you don't have enough time or energy to do what you want and give yourself what you need?

Watch this tutorial to learn a simple tool that helps you...

  • Balance and organize how you spend your time

  • Fill up your cup and keep it flowing

  • Enhance your focus, productivity, and presence

How to Balance and Organize Your Week with Intentional Containers Video Workshop

About Geri Paige

Geri Paige is the founder of The Now Experiment, a radical reclamation helping vision-driven humans dare to live their moments and create meaningful milestones. Geri is passionate about helping people live deeply and create their vision-driven future. Her work as a transformational mindset coach and strategic advisor centers around groundbreaking approaches to reclaiming your time, energy and audacity to be and do well. Geri is the author of The Now Experiment series, a weekly email supporting vision-driven humans in embracing their now and igniting their tomorrow.

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